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Microsoft Windows Support Site

Windows offers a fantastic site where you can go for complete support for any Windows operating system. You may have to dog around for a phone number, but they offer tons of comprehensive articles. Click Here

 Wikipedia – Online Encyclopedia

This is a fantastic resource that you will find yourself getting hooked on! Wikipedia’s content is 100% provided by the online community. Anyone can edit any page on their website. Click Here

How Computers Work

A comprehensive site that is quite interesting. You can search for just about any topic and discover more about it. Specifically, learn how computers work. Knowing this will help you to troubleshoot common problems and errors! Click Here

US Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Just how secure is our country’s computer infrastructure? Started in the year 2003, the USCERT division was established to protect our nation’s Internet infrastructure. You can immediately browse several publications related to the latest defenses our country has put into place. Click Here

United States Computer Crime

The United States Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, is a government division that is responsible for helping many national agencies to battle pc as well as property crimes in our country, and the world. Click Here

 IEEE Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society Press currently manufactures over 100 conference materials, written books, online lessens, CD’s, multi-media and other electronic products each and every year in the PC IT industry. Click Here

 Donate A PC

Give A Computer, is a non-profit 501 (c) (3), completely minority owned and operated charity that started from a mission to provide people without computers, the opportunity to have one in their home. If you have an old PC, you can donate it today to a needy families. Your gift may also be completely tax deductable! Click Here

 ”Ergonomics” PC Position Tips

Are you a person who sits at your computer for several hours every day? You may not realize it, but the way you position yourself can have a lot to do with reducing strain on your body. If you would like to read more on how you can put “ergonomics” to work for you, you can visit this wonderful site produced by Berkley. Click Here

Tips For Laptop Users

Are you a laptop user who would like some tips to get the most production possible? The following report by The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission will detail many things about your laptop that may open your eyes to a whole new world. Click Here

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  1. D. M. Decker:

    I need to buy a key to the PC Error Repair program. The computer that I loaded it on will not allow Internet Explorer to open. I must use another connection to complete my repair. HELP!

  2. james walsh:

    licence key

Updated: December 6, 2016

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