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Media Player c00d11b1

What Is A Media Player c00d11b1 Error?

Windows Media Player is the standard program built into the Windows operating system that enables you to watch videos and listen to music on your machine without installing any additional software.

Whilst many people choose to download and install alternative programs to play their videos and music on their PC (RealPlayer, QuickTime etc), Windows Media Player is perfectly adequate for the majority of PC users who do not necessarily need anything other than a relatively straightforward player.

Having said that, of course, Microsoft are constantly trying to update their software in order to keep it abreast of the competition, and Media Player is no exception to this general observation.  Windows Media Player is therefore in its 11th incarnation, and it is in this particular ‘model’ of the player program that the Media Player Error code c00d11b1 is seen to occur.

Effectively, for most people who see this error message, it means that their Media Player program refuses to play whatever it is that they are trying to watch or listen to at that particular moment.

This was a particular problem whilst media player 11 was still in beta mode, but it still appears to be a problem that many users encounter.

Nor does it seem to be restricted to any particular type of media either.  Media Player Error code c00d11b1 can arise when trying to play video or audio materials, and whether these materials are being accessed from your PC or being streamed across the internet seems to make little or no difference.

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Recognizing and Fixing Media Player Error Code c00d11b1

For the majority of Windows Media Player users who encounter the Media Player Error code c00d11b1 message, the problem only begins after they upgraded to 11.  In other words, media player versions 9 and 10 worked perfectly well for them.

So, one option is to ‘roll back’ the player to a previous model that did not encounter any such problems.

To do this, initially go to Start, then Control Panel, and Add/Remove Programs. Next, click on the Windows Media Player 11 icon and click Uninstall.

It will ask if this is really the option you want to take.  Confirm that it is, and then be patient as it may take several minutes for the operation to be completed.  During this time, it may appear as if your PC has switched itself off, but it has simply deactivated all unnecessary extraneous computer operations, in order to retain memory and processing power for the job in hand.

Next, according to Microsoft, when this particular error code is encountered when trying to stream online video or audio, it most commonly indicates that the proxy settings for Windows Media Player are incorrectly configured.

This can be checked from the Tools menu within Media Player itself, after whch you need to click on Options.  Then you must click the Network tab and in the Streaming proxy settings area, you need to verify your settings. If you’re not sure what the correct settings are, first, click on Configure, and then in the Configure Protocol dialog box, select Autodetect proxy settings.

In some cases, you can also apparently encounter this problem if Media Player tries to receive an online stream by using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), but for some reason, it cannot do so.

You may be able to fix this particular error by turning off this UDP option in the Player.

If these solutions are not effective, your problem may be something as simple as Media Player trying to access the wrong audio or video device on your machine.

Open Tools, select Options, and then select Devices. When this comes up, make sure that the correct audio for your PC is checked, and this could very well make your problem disappear.

If none of these operations is effective, then you may well need to check the underlying registry of your Windows operating system for defects and errors that may be causing Media Player to malfunction.

Almost inevitably you will find errors and defects in your registry whenever you run a thorough scan, and whilst it may not necessarily be possible to isolate a specific problem that is causing Media Player to malfunction, the cumulative effect could be the root cause of your difficulties.

If, therefore, you already have software installed on your machine that can scan and fix your registry for you, then you should use it.

If not, you can still avail yourself of a free online registry scan using proprietary software such as SpeedyPC.  Whilst you will not be able to repair your registry errors without downloading and installing the full version of the software, nevertheless, the scan will indicate the extent of the problems that you have, and these problems may be what is causing you difficulties with Media Player.

PC Error Repair Visitor Shout Box

  1. John Evans:

    I want to burn a song list on windows media player version 11, but I can’t due to error code C00D11B1….HELP!

  2. shahri:

    hey there i still cant troubleshoot my problem of the error code c00d11b1 on my windows media player. i can only play songs but not movie even on the the e drive. which is playing disc on the wma. can i know how am i to recover back my wma like normal. plzz advise. a.s.a.p… thanks..

  3. santana:

    Wndows Media Play

  4. joi:

    when i open my media player11 and try to play a certain song error message appear with cood11b1.

  5. Metatron:

    This is the fix:
    Go into a command prompt and type
    c: (hit enter)
    cd “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%” (hit enter)
    CD DRM (hit enter)
    Attrib -A -S -H *.* (hit enter)
    erase *.* (hit enter)

    Metatron is not amused with this error.

  6. Jackie:

    I am getting error code C00D11B1 when playing certain audio tracks I have downloaded onto Windows Media Player. If I uninstall Media Player 11 will it revert to Media Player 10 and if not, will I lose everything I have downloaded?

  7. robertogimeno:

    Thanks for helping me to repair my laptap

  8. oscar:

    quiero reparar mi codec

  9. Rui:

    Error Media player

  10. Erekosima I.B.Simo:

    I have problem playing videos in my windows media player

  11. Karl Bussiere:

    Windows 7-pro clean install. Media player works great for everything, EXCEPT when I rip a new CD to my library. Can play FROM my music library….click on cd (file) and plays with Media player. BUT if I open Media Player and drag the file from my music library than I get this useless message that it can’t find it. I can open every other file, just not the one I just added

  12. Allen:

    this is also an issue with the quartz.dll..

  13. Wunks:

    This part of the above fixes worked for me in fixing my inability to hear streamed music.

    In some cases, you can also apparently encounter this problem if Media Player tries to receive an online stream by using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), but for some reason, it cannot do so.

    You may be able to fix this particular error by turning off this UDP option in the Player

  14. Juin:

    I just installed the VLC player, I’m sick of windows media player.

Updated: December 6, 2016

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