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Installer Error 1722

What is Installer Error 1722?

Sometimes when you are attempting to install third-party software on your PC, you may see the Installer Error 1722 message that reads like this:

‘Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. Aprogram run as part of the setup did not finish as expected.Contact your support personnel or package vendor.’

When you see this message, it is basically telling you that the program you were attempting to install has not done so successfully, and that Windows has rolled back the installation process as a result.

This problem is generally directly related to the MSI installer from Microsoft, and is most commonly associated with either an out-of-date or damaged Windows Installer.

Such problems can occur with almost any software installation, but the occurrence of Installer Error 1722 problems does seem to increase in direct proportion to the complexity of the software that is being installed.  In other words, the more complex the software is, the more likely you are to suffer an Installer Error 1722 problem.

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Possible Installer Error 1722 issues

As with any software installation problem, the first thing that you need to do is to confirm the validity of the software program itself.

If it is a program that you have downloaded from the internet, then it is quite possible that the program was not downloaded correctly so that it is somehow damaged or incomplete.

Try downloading the program once again, and attempt a new installation.  This is likely to be an effective solution in many cases.

Similarly, even if you are attempting to install a program from an original CD, you should still attempt to reinstall it once again, before seeking more drastic solutions.

Before doing so, you should however at least to reboot your machine so that any memory of the previous installation attempt is removed from your computer’s cache.

You may also want to try installing the software on another machine, as this would clearly establish whether the fault lies with the software or not.

If by doing this, you can categorically establish that the software is not at fault (if, in other words, you can install it on a machine without any difficulty) then you need to consider whether you have had any form of installation problems in the recent past with other programs.

If not, then this tends to suggest that your Installer Error 1722 problem is being caused by some form of incompatibility between the program that you are attempting to install and something that is already on your machine.

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How to deal with Installer Error 1722 problems

You should therefore attempt to find out what it is that is on your machine that is causing the problem.

As a first step, try taking a look at the \windows\SetupApi.log folder. You may well be able to find more information concerning the root cause of the failure there.

Next you should try to establish whether the error may be associated with the correct permissions for Windows Script Hosting. Make sure that you have the latest version by visiting the Microsoft site and downloading it here.

Next, as suggested earlier, Installer Error 1722 is most commonly related to a damaged or outdated MSI installer, so deleting the .MSI file from the Installer folder might clear the problem (example: c:\windows\installer\83780.msi).

It might be a security issue, so you should check and confirm that your local administrator group retains full control permissions in NTFS for these folders:c:\winnt\tempc:\winnt\installerc:\documents and settings\\local settings\temp

Finally, if none of these steps is effective or if you still cannot trace the problem, then you should scan your machine for deeper and potentially more serious problems.

You will want to check whether you have problems with a virus or spyware by running scan checks using the appropriate software that you should already have installed on your computer.

Then you want to confirm that you have no deep-seated registry problems by running another scan, again using any appropriate software that you might already have installed.

In all of the foregoing scenarios, you should then use the software to repair the problem is that you find.

If, however, you do not currently have software available to run a registry scan, then you can avail yourself of a free check from the SpeedyPC website.

This will at least enable you to establish how serious your registry problems are, and based upon that, you can then decide whether downloading, installing and using the program is a justified expense.

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Updated: December 6, 2016

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