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Windows Update Errors

What is a Windows Update Error?

The ubiquitous Windows operating system has been around for some time now, and has gone through many different manifestations over the years.  Very probably, you have used various different Windows versions over time yourself.

As you would expect, every version of Windows that has been released onto the market has been an improvement over its predecessors in almost all aspects.

At the same time, however, it must be obvious to even the most committed non-techie that designing and building a brand new operating system is an extremely time-consuming and complicated task.

It is therefore understandable that when a new operating system is launched on to the market, it is never perfect.  It is simply not possible for the designers and the creators of any software to anticipate every possible scenario in which problems may occur.

As a consequence of this, whilst they are still supporting a particular operating system (some of the earlier versions of Windows are no longer supported) Windows are generally pretty pro-active about releasing repairs, fixes or patches in the form of regular updates.

This is not to say, however, that every problem gets fixed in this way.

For example, although many PC users have updates automatically enabled on their PCs’, many choose not to do so.  These people therefore manually download and install any updates that Microsoft issues, an this process is not always without its problems.

In addition, there are still some fairly glaring unpatched vulnerabilities in the XP operating system that continue to cause problems for PC users running this particular Windows version.

And even when Windows do issue updates and people can get them, this can still cause more problems than it cures!

This is because these updates do not always get installed in quite the way that it was intended.

Windows update errors are therefore relatively common, and something that you should be aware of.

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What Causes Windows Update Errors?

If you have chosen not to have Windows updates automatically installed on your machine, then the first cause of Windows update errors is likely to be your inability to download and install the updates correctly.

For example, one of the most widely confronted error conditions is attached to error code 0x8024402C. This is encountered so regularly that there are a whole tranche of websites detailing the best ways of troubleshooting the issue, but even the best of these seem to meet with only limited success.

Even if you manage to download the necessary updates, then there are often problems with installing them.

This can happen for a wide variety of reasons.

There may, for example, be a problem in the registry that underlies your operating system that for some reason prevents successful installation of the update.  This problem may not be evident in any other way as most PCs have dozens or even hundreds of minor registry errors of which the user is blissfully unaware.

There may be independent third-party software or peripheral hardware installed on your machine that in some manner comes into conflict with the update that you are trying to install and therefore prevents successful completion of the operation.

Perhaps the most irritating or annoying potential problem of all is when an update is only partially installed.  The reason that this happens could be any of the things that you read about above.

Such a partial installation is then quite likely to create havoc inside your operating system, thereby making it extremely difficult to use your PC efficiently.

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How To Deal With Windows Update Errors

If the problem or error that you are encountering is related to your inability to download and install the latest updates, then you should access the Windows Update website from any non-IE browser and download the updates from there.  This particular site will work with either Mozilla Firefox or the Opera browser.

If, however, your error problems are related to updates that you can download but then cannot install, you need to discover what it is on your PC that is preventing this installation taking place.

Consider how long you have been aware of this problem.

Is it, for example, something that has only begun to happen very recently?

If so, have you installed new software or added new hardware to your PC in the very recent past, and could this be the root cause of your problem?

Have you had any updates that were only partially installed?  If so, could these be preventing further updates being installed correctly?

Have you checked that the registry of your Windows system is still in optimum condition recently?

If not, then you certainly need to do so because maintaining your registry in an optimized condition is one of the most effective ways of making sure that your PC always runs as smoothly as you need it to.

If you already have software that you can use to scan your registry for errors and defects, then use it to see if this will isolate your Windows update error.

If you do not, you can access a free online scan from SpeedyPC, and you should certainly take advantage of this, as registry problems are one of the most likely causes of the Windows update errors that you are suffering.

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