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JavaScript Error

What is a JavaScript Error?

Before beginning to address this question, the first thing that must be clarified is what JavaScript actually is.

JavaScript is an increasingly common scripting language that is used on an ever-increasing number of websites.  In turn, a scripting language is a descriptive phrase used to portray or indicate the underlying code that is used to create website or the individual pages thereof.  For example, most regular internet users will have come across pages made using HTML.  This is another scripting language, albeit a far more basic and simplistic one and JavaScript.

Furthermore, it is most commonly a client side language that runs on the client browser, rather than downloading from the server side.

In a standard (HTML) website creation scenario, a web designer will (perhaps not surprisingly) design the web pages, but then the job of actually creating the pages will be passed on to a coder.  They then put together the underlying code ‘map’ that will transform into the webpage when it is loaded into a browser window.

However, in a JavaScript situation, it is becoming increasingly common for web designers to be able to use this particular language to create the web pages themselves.  This therefore means that the web pages tend to be a more accurate reflection of the designer’s original concept, and JavaScript is consequently becoming increasingly popular as a webpage creation tool.

For you, however, the major problem is that JavaScript is still predominantly a client side language because this means that everything has to happen within the browser of your own computer.

This presents far more possibilities for things to go wrong.

It is like a celebrity chef collecting all the ingredients together and then bringing them all to your house before he or she creates a gourmet meal, rather than inviting you to their restaurant where they would know that food preparation and cooking conditions are perfect.

In theory, there should be no appreciable difference between either of these scenarios, but in fact there are far more possibilities for things to go wrong in the first situation when compared to the second.

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Why do JavaScript errors occur?

The simple answer to this is that JavaScript errors occur because it is a client side language, where everything has to be ‘brought together’ or the website itself has to be compiled inside the internet browser of the website viewer.There is, however, an additional problem.  As suggested above, website designers tend to be enthusiastic fans of using JavaScript for their sites because doing so allows them to adopt a far more ‘hands on’ attitude to the creation of the sites that they design.In other words, JavaScript enables designers to actually build their own web sites themselves.  And, whilst this in theory makes perfect sense, in practice it tends to create significant potential problem for the average internet surfer.Website designers generally want to include as many ‘bells, bangles and whistles’ on their sites as possible so that they can demonstrate their design skills to the internet browsing population at large.Unfortunately, however, the more intricate and complex the underlying design a website has, the slower it will be to load up and the more potential there inevitably is for things to go wrong.Complex JavaScript websites are therefore a problem just waiting to happen.

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How to fix JavaScript errors

The first thing to do if you have a problem with a JavaScript enabled website is to try to load the site again in your internet browser.

If the site refuses to load a second time, then there may be a problem in the underlying script, or it may well be that your internet connection is not capable of accessing the site because of the complexity of the underlying script.

You should also check that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser and that the version of the program you are using is completely up-to-date.

If none of these potential solutions actually deals with the problems you are encountering, it is possible that a previous attempt to load a JavaScript enabled website (or, indeed, any website) may have damaged or restricted the functionality of your internet browser.

No matter which particular browser you are using, try downloading and reinstalling it and make sure that you have all of the latest updates as well.

If you still have difficulties at this stage, then you should try running some standard checks to ensure that there are not problems in other areas of your machine.

For example, you must run antivirus and anti-spyware scans to make sure that it is not either of these unwelcome visitors that are causing difficulties.

Failing this, you should use any registry scanning software that you already have installed on your PC to check what problems you have and fix them, thereby neutralizing other potential problems that might otherwise come back to haunt you at a later date.

If you do not have registry scanning software, then you should run a free scan check using proprietary software like SpeedyPC to establish to what extent you have underlying registry problems.  Based on what you find, you can then decide whether to download and install the program to fix the problems or, whether to continue as before.

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Updated: December 6, 2016

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