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JavaScript errors

JavaScript is a web site scripting language that is becoming increasingly popular.  It is a relatively dynamic language that can create some fairly spectacular websites, but it is nevertheless relatively simple to use.  For this reason, it is extremely popular with website designers, as JavaScript allows them to build their own web sites themselves which thus enables them to build a site that is far more in keeping with their original concept.

The major disadvantage of JavaScript, however, is that it is primarily a client side language, which means that everything happens within your internet browser, rather than on the server of the website owner.  Effectively, any JavaScript enabled website is ‘built’ piece by piece within your internet browser, and this presents far more scope for things to go wrong.  It will therefore pay you to learn a little bit more about JavaScript, the sites that are built using it and the potential problems it can cause for you.

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EXE errors

Whenever you choose to download a program from the internet or to install one from a CD, you use an EXE file to do so.  An EXE file is one that is executable, simply meaning that once you start the program installation, it will keep going in a step by step routine of actioning your instructions.  At the heart of your Windows operating system there are also many hundreds of similar EXE files that effectively control your operating system, and therefore your computer.

Without these EXE files retaining their peak condition, your operating system can suffer limited or restricted functionality, which can, in turn, lead to your PC hanging or becoming otherwise unresponsive.  EXE files are the heart of your operating system, and no organism, living or mechanical, can operate without a fully functioning heart!  You therefore need to know something about your EXE files.

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DLL errors

When the Microsoft engineers decided to create the first version of Windows, there were many problems that they encountered for which there were no previously recognized solutions.  One of the most substantial hurdles they faced was the fact that the original Windows operating system was far too big for the computers of the time!  So, they needed to reduce the size as a matter of urgency and one of the ways that they did so was through the invention of DLL files.

The engineers realized that all of the individual programs that together make up the Windows operating system had common functional requirements.  For example, they all need to switch on, switch off, display a ‘program loading’ window on the monitor and so on.

So, each DLL file is designed to do the same tiny job for several programs and in this way, the original engineers managed to reduce the size of Windows to a manageable level.  Unfortunately, this means that when any DLL file suffers an error, several programs will be adversely affected.  Even more unfortunately, DLL files are particularly susceptible to problems and errors.  If, therefore, you have little or no knowledge of DLL files, now is the perfect time to begin educating yourself.

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BCCodes is a kind of Microsoft shorthand for ‘Bug Check Codes’, which is a term that refers to the situation where your machine has apparently suffered a critical error, and is shutting down because of it.  Seeing a BCCode message should therefore alert you to the fact that there is something seriously wrong with your PC and that you need to act upon it with all haste.

Unfortunately, however, many BCCode messages are erroneous and misleading, and in many situations, what you believe you are seeing based on the error message your PC is giving you is entirely incorrect.  Understanding how to interpret BCCode messages and (equally importantly) how to avoid misinterpreting them is extremely important.

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    in my pc i m getting an error msg ” Disk Cannot read Press ctrl+alt+del to restart” What can i do could u pls help me

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    when i try to change the icon in vista…….the right click and prop. in that box the customize menu is disable…….plz help me to fix that error,………

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