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PC Screen Freeze

PC screen freeze explained.

PC screen freeze is unfortunately one of those things that happen to almost everyone who uses a Windows powered PC at some time or another.  Almost inevitably, you will be in the middle of an important job when your monitor literally freezes, and no matter how much you try to click your mouse button to unfreeze things nothing whatsoever happens.

In this situation, the very first thing to do is to stop clicking the mouse, as all this is doing is tying up more of your computers processing abilities and memory.

Simply let go of the mouse, sit back and try to be patient.

Better yet, go and make yourself a cup of coffee or a sandwich.

In other words, do whatever it takes to get away from the computer for a couple of minutes, as PC screen freeze situations are often temporary in nature and will fix themselves as long as you leave your computer alone!

This will not, of course, work in every situation and there will be times where more pro-active intervention is necessary in order to solve the problem.

Let us therefore look at some of the primary causes of PC screen freeze, so that you know why it occurs and what to do about it when the coffee and sandwich theory of computer repair does not work!

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Why does PC screen freeze happen?

In order for your PC monitor to work properly it needs to have access to the RAM memory of your computer.  If there is no RAM available therefore, it is quite common for your machine to suffer a PC screen freeze problem.

This is the classic temporary screen freeze problem.  Whilst your screen is trying to do something, another program on your computer is using up all of the available RAM, and as soon as that program releases its grip on your system, then the screen will automatically become unfrozen (or melt?).

A similar problem may arise if you have many programs running at the same time, all of which are using a chunk of RAM.  Once again, it is simply a matter of waiting until those other programs free up RAM, and your screen will start functioning normally once again.

If, however, the screen freeze problem persists, then the root cause is most likely to be one of two different possibilities.

The first and most serious of these is that you have picked up a virus and that this is attacking your PC.  In this case, it is unfortunately quite possible that the PC screen freeze problem you are encountering will be a permanent one, as the virus sets about destroying the operating system of your computer.

Far less serious than this, but something that nevertheless needs your attention is a problem in the underlying registry of your computer.  Fortunately,  assuming that the problem is not a purely temporary one, this is the most likely cause of the PC screen freeze malfunction.

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Solving your PC screen freeze problem.

As suggested above, the first solution to PC screen freeze is to walk away from your computer for a couple minutes to see if the problem sorts itself out.

The good news is that in the vast majority of cases this will do the trick and no further remedial action is going to be necessary, although you may wish to expand the RAM of your machine as such a screen freeze problem would suggest that more is needed.

Even if the problem has not resolved itself in a few minutes, this still does not mean that it is a serious malfunction.  Open the ‘Window’s Task Manager’ (Ctrl + Alt + Del) and check whether any program shown in the applications window is currently unresponsive.

If so, end the task in question and you may well find that the screen unlocks itself a few seconds later.

If neither of these solutions work, then the next option is to run a full antivirus scan to check whether the PC screen freeze error that you have encountered is a result of a virus that has somehow found its way onto your computer.

Whilst it is not that common for viruses to cause PC screen freeze situations, nevertheless, this is definitely something that you need to check as a matter of some urgency.

If this returns a negative result, then the most likely culprit is a fault in the underlying registry of your Windows operating system.  If you have suitable software installed on your machine, you should run a full registry scan to locate and isolate any and all registry problems, and then use the same program to repair them.

If nothing else has worked, then this almost certainly will.

If, however, you do not have a registry scanner installed on your machine, then you can take advantage of one of the many programs that offer free online registry scan is such as SpeedyPC.

Using this program would at least highlight the registry problems that you will undoubtedly have on your machine, and armed with this knowledge you can then make a decision on your next step.

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    My sreen will blink 3 times and then it will be completly unresponsive. I can not track down the problem. I am running XP home with SP2 with 2gb of ram and i have 9500gt vid card

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