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Behavioural Errors

Computer Shutting Off Problems

Most people who use a Windows driven PC will have encountered problems with their computer shutting off at some point, particularly in the ‘old days’ when such occurrences were far more common.  Such problems will most commonly fall into one of two categories.

Either you have a situation where your PC will not shut off at all, or alternatively, every time you try to shut your machine down it automatically restarts itself.  Whilst neither of these is particularly serious in and of themselves, what they do clearly indicate is that you have other problems in the operating system registry of your computer that really need your attention.  Of course, it is often relatively easy to override these shutting off problems by altering your PC settings, but this does not address the underlying difficulties in the way that you must eventually do.  Do not let the problem get any worse.  Attend to it now.

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Computer Restarting Problems

Sometimes, when you try to turn off your Windows powered PC it will automatically restart itself, and, irrespective of the number of times you try to effect a complete system shutdown, your PC just keeps right on restarting itself!  This is an incredibly frustrating experience for most people, but it is not necessarily a major operating system problem in itself.

Indeed, you operating system is in some cases specifically designed to do exactly what it is doing when it automatically restarts itself.  Nevertheless, any indication that your machine gives you that there may be underlying operating system or registry defects should not be ignored.

Your machines apparent ‘desire’ to automatically restart itself is a perfect example of this phenomenon.  A PC that constantly restarts no matter how many times you try to close it down is telling you that there is a fundamental malfunction somewhere deep within the operating system registry.  This is not a warning that you should choose to ignore.  In order to protect your machine, you should move to address the problem as quickly as possible.

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PC Screen Freeze

PC screen freeze is something that almost every user of a Windows powered PC will have suffered at least once.  As it is a direct function of the memory and processing speed of your PC, screen freeze was a relatively common problem back in the days when computers were far more basic than they are now.

Nevertheless, even in this day and age, PC screen freeze is still something that can happen to you and your PC.  Of course, the reasons why your monitor seems to freeze can be detailed and complex, but nevertheless, the initial solutions that you could try to apply to the problem are often remarkably simple.

The bottom line is that at some point, if you are using a PC that is powered by any version of Windows then you will suffer screen freezes from time to time.  Knowing what to do and how to handle them would therefore be a significant advantage to you.

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Blue Screen Of Death

The blue screen of death  might perhaps be the most dreaded thing that any PC user can ever encounter whilst they are using their computer.  It is a royal blue screen that is shown by your system when you machine has just decided to close itself down due to a critical error.

In most situations, you will have little or no indication that there was a problem with you machine until the shutdown took place, and therefore you are also likely to have very little idea of why it closed down and what to do about it.

However, perhaps surprisingly, and certainly encouragingly, the blue screen of death  is often nothing of the sort!  In fact, it very rarely represents a terminal problem from which you cannot recover.  That being said, no wise PC user should be completely unaware of what the blue screen of death is and what it means.

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  1. Maricela:

    Hi, My computer is a second hand one. I have lots of problems
    with it . my computer is very slow, it always has errors or it will
    freeze. You say downloading is FREE but how much would I
    have to pay for you’re services. I’m on a fixed income.
    I need my computer so I could continue my GED classes.
    which are very important to me.
    Please send feedback.
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  3. Darren:

    Hi I bought your product because it stated on your advetisment that it could cure Error number: 0x800704DD on the windows update website. Can you confirm that it does.

  4. Monica Medrano:

    I purchased to items to fix error 57 and neither of them worked.

  5. michael:

    I have a Gateway ME Windows os computer.
    First error: Boot failure: System halted

    Second error:
    Using Gateway System Restoration Kit:
    Code 2405: Invalid destination drive number specified

    Sure would appreciate your suggestions!

    Thanks for your email to me.

  6. Jeff:

    PC won’t start; how do I run the ‘RegCureSetup’ program to fix it?

  7. Jeff:

    How much is the software? How do I use your software on my other computer that loads up to the blue screen.

    I’m getting a Bad_Pool_Caller Error


  8. bigfoot:

    my internet will not open sites due to certificate errors

  9. Robert:

    Hi there, when i turn my pc on i get a message at bottom of screen saying…error occured on system is running raid0 stripe…what i dont understand is that the system seems to work ok

  10. toni stojkovski:

    repair al majn eroor

  11. toni stojkovski:

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  13. Lenworth Hassel:

    I want my pc free of erro .Send me a free softwear thank you .

  14. virgilio acedilla:

    I am having a problem my pc will hang after 3 minutes standby for resting awhile.



  16. jackie bell:

    I having error code I cant get office 2003 service pack 3 sp3 i update all was free

  17. mohammad moussa:

    startup problem and slow

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