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Internet Explorer Error

What is an Internet Explorer error?

Despite the ever increasing popularity of alternative internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera over the past few years, Internet Explorer is still the most popular and widely used browser.

And the fact is that no matter which browser you choose to use, it is extremely easy for errors and file corruption to occur as a result of your connection to the net.  Think of it in this way.  The browser that you choose acts as a conduit between the highly complex piece of machinery that is your computer and a world of billions of packets of sometimes seemingly random data.

Many times you will actively decide to access the data by opening a web site, for example.  However, even when acting voluntarily in this way, you have no way of knowing how valid or corrupt the information is that you are accessing and downloading.

It therefore follows that every time you open your Internet browser, you run a significant risk of generating errors in that browser and also in the programs that control its functions.

Internet Explorer is no more or less susceptible to these errors than any other popular browser.  It is an almost inevitable byproduct of using the Internet that there will be times when browser errors occur.

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Internet Explorer errors examined.

Another feature of Internet Explorer that tends to make it susceptible to errors is the fact that, in common with other browsers, it is designed to be extendable or expandable.

What this means is that it is capable of having external software modules added to it in such a way that they become an integral part of the browser itself.  For example, there are literally hundreds of programs available which will install a ‘toolbar’ onto your PC, seemingly as an integral part of the Internet Explorer browser.  Google, Yahoo and MSN all offer this particular add-on tool, for example, and when everything goes the way it should, these toolbars most definitely provide a valuable additional resource.

Of course, the problem is that things do not always go according to plan, and many of these ‘bolt-on’ resources can cause problems.

If, for example, you have already downloaded and installed an advertising toolbar on your desktop, then this may very well come into conflict with any other toolbar that you try to install.

Similarly, pop-up advertising can often cause Internet Explorer errors, and despite the fact that most people choose to install a pop-up blocker, nevertheless, unblockable pop-ups are becoming increasingly popular.  Once again, the ‘smart’ software behind such pop-ups can pose a significant risk to the validity of your Internet Explorer browser.

Furthermore, any time any of these add-on programs suffers any kind of malfunctions or problems, this is most likely to show up as an Internet Explorer error, although, of course, it is nothing of the sort.

Basically, and unfortunately, Internet Explorer is effectively under attack every time you open your browser and establish a connection to the Internet.

In addition to this, every program on your computer is at risk of underlying application and DLL defects, and Internet Explorer is no exception to this rule.  Such defects and corruptions can be caused in many different ways, such as faulty program installations and uninstallations, software and hardware conflicts, and so on.

Finally, your Internet browser is at the forefront of your constant battle to prevent spyware, malware and viruses entering your machine.  Logically and sensibly, you will most properly have anti-virus software, for example, in place, and this can in itself come into conflict with the underlying applications and files that run Internet Explorer.

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Handling Internet Explorer Errors

When you suspect that you have an Internet Explorer error, one of the first things that you should try is to uninstall many of the add-ons such as toolbars and so on.  Given that these tools often give false error indications, this is often an effective way of removing a potential problem area from your machine.

If this does not work, then the next option may be to completely uninstall Internet Explorer, and then reinstall it once again.  Be aware, however, that uninstalling Internet Explorer is not a simple as removing most other programs from your PC, and it is both a relatively complex and time-consuming job.

Nevertheless, if the Internet Explorer errors that you are suffering are serious enough, the time and effort needed may be justified.

The third and final option is to try to locate and isolate any errors, faults or corrupted files in the registry of your Windows operating system.  These will not necessarily be applications of files that are directly associated with Internet Explorer, incidentally.

The easiest and quickest way of doing this is to use appropriate software to trace and isolate the root cause of your problems.

To do this job, you will most likely need appropriate software, because, whilst it is possible to examine the depths of your registry without it, it is a time consuming and somewhat tedious task.

In fact, such software should be one of a triumvirate of protective software programs that every PC user should utilize. In order to protect your machine, you need anti-virus, anti-spyware and registry optimization software.


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Updated: December 6, 2016

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