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Outlook Express Errors

The Windows operating system of your PC has two programs integrated into it that both have the ability to handle e-mail transmissions and news updates. One of these is Microsoft Outlook which is a comprehensive and fully featured task and content management system, as well as being an e-mail program.  The other is Outlook Express, which could almost be viewed as a ‘lite’ version of its sister program.

Because all its relative simplicity, Outlook Express is often the number one e-mail program choice of most Windows users, as it is quick, simple to use and therefore efficient.  Like all other composite parts of the Windows operating system, however, Outlook Express can suffer errors and malfunctions that can adversely effect its functionality and efficiency.  If, therefore, you are a dedicated Outlook Express user, you need to know more about the problems that the program can encounter, and how you can address and ultimately repair them.

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Microsoft Word Errors

Microsoft Word is very possibly the most widely used computer software program in the world.  Even people who have no other interest or capabilities in using a PC to its full extent will nevertheless, use their computer as a basic word processor, and to do this they will almost certainly utilize Microsoft Word.

It is even widely used on Apple Mac computers that otherwise have very little to do with the Microsoft Windows operating system.  One of the major attractions of using Word is that it is a remarkably simple program to work with.  This, however, masks the fact that it is a program that uses up a disproportionately large amount of your PCs memory and processing power.

In turn, this means that Microsoft word can suffer many problems and errors, and once it goes wrong, it has a tendency to do so in a big way.  Understanding a little more about why Word can malfunction or suffer errors would therefore help you to become far more proficient in using it.

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Microsoft Excel Errors

In the same way that the ubiquitous Microsoft Word program dominates the world of word processing, Excel is that the de facto number one spreadsheet program of choice for the vast majority of computer users.  This is primarily because Excel has many advantages over its competitors.

First and foremost, it is remarkably easy to use and because it has been developed over many, many years, most of the or original bugs and glitches were ironed out a long time ago.  Secondly, it is a deceptively powerful program with far greater functionality than may at first be apparent.

Unfortunately, but almost inevitably, this power is one of its problems because the more complex or function-rich a program becomes, the more it becomes prone to fatal errors and malfunctions.  Excel can therefore suffer problems and errors, and it would pay you to understand and recognize these faults before they happen to you.

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Internet Explorer Errors

Internet Explorer is still the world’s number one internet browser, despite the burgeoning popularity of alternatives like Mozilla Firefox and Opera. However, it does have one characteristic that is common to all browsers which is its vulnerability to outside attack. All browsers, by definition, reach out from the confines of your own PC to pull in information that is made available all over the world wide web.

It is therefore somewhat inevitable that, along with the information that you need, you will sometimes be vulnerable to attack by malicious online software that you most certainly do not need. If you’re using Internet Explorer, then the program is at the very forefront of this battle to keep your computer relatively ‘clean’, and for this reason Internet Explorer will occasionally get damaged and suffer errors. In order to keep your favorite internet browsing activities as trouble-free as possible, it is therefore important to recognize the problems and to know what to do about them.

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Updated: December 6, 2016

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