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Repair Annoying PC Errors

Are you frustrated by unexpected PC errors? Are you concerned the errors will pile up and eventually crash your system? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! You are no longer alone when it comes to errors and our experts will assist you in resolving your errors in the safest most efficient way! Click Here

Troubleshoot PC Error Codes

Error codes in Windows can be extremely hard to troubleshoot. Every program can have their own set of codes which give a general, or brief clue as to what the issue might be. Don’t let these codes confuse you! Our experts have several articles detailing some of the most common error codes you may encounter, and offer a fast, safe and permanent solution to your problem. Click Here

Error Prevention Tips

When it comes to Windows errors, it is next to impossible to predict an occurence. Did you know that regular optimization using popular software programs can significantly reduce these occurances automatically? Our experts dive right in and explain to you what you can do to successfully optimize your system regularly! Click Here

Remove & Prevent Spyware

Did you know that Spyware is one of the leading causes of identity theft throughout the world today? Do you know if you are protected from the malicious programs? There are several ways you can protect yourself. Here we discuss the ways you can take action against not only warding off the risk, but removing these malicious programs from your PC automatically! Click Here

Popular Error Repair Resources

We realize it can be difficult finding a trusting authority on any topic via the Internet. With this in mind our experts have listed some trusted sources you can visit to further assist you in helping you troubleshoot PC errors. Don’t take a chance, use our research to your advantage! Click Here


PC Error Repair Visitor Shout Box

  1. Lawrence Berk:

    I am unable to get to my desktop although the Windows XP screen does appear after the computer is turned on. Then I get a blank black screen. I went through two procedures in my Medion owner’s manual, and on the second procedure, reestablishing all my files which I did in Safe Mode, the screen displayed over 20 files which could not be reestablished, all listed under Error 1681. How can I use your software to fix this if I can’t get to the Internet?



  3. zoran:

    my pc eror

  4. jamal:

    amazing web site that fix errors automaticaly thank to this web site stauff

  5. parth shah:

    i can not closed the pc error

  6. Ken Roy:

    I have an error – c\programs~1\mywebs~1bar\1.bin\m3plugin.dll if I purchase this product is it gaurantied to sole this problem?

  7. James:

    I please want to know what is ISA expansion slots. Thank you!

  8. Njibo:

    When trying to remove a program from the startup program, I get the following error:
    “The Microsoft Windows Explorer returned an error: 0×80070005, Access denied”.
    I noticed since this error that I cannot modify my registry even with the Admin account.

    I am running Windows Vista 64 bit , service pack 2.

    Could you please help!


  9. Loreli Bouffard:

    We have a serious problem on our development SQL server. We are getting error 1068. Most of the server services did not start.
    I have downloaded your pc repair software. It did the scan. We can’t fix the errors until we register. We can’t register from this server.
    Can we get a license key via email?

    Thanks, Loreli

  10. Emma:

    Windows Update error 80070002
    please .

  11. Lorenzo:

    no power

  12. Amos Oberdorf:

    I have met some really neat people through the comments, I certainly want to encourage more me to comment. Thanks for the tips!

  13. harry:

    I reinstalled windows and tried to run a game which requird directx 9.0….however after installing directx when i tried running the game, message appeared “windows couldn’t find directx 9.0 pls try reinstalling directx.” tried several times but din;t work…Pls help

  14. chain:

    what is the licensed key???

  15. ahmed:


  16. akshay:

    unable to chnge the date resulting in website openig[fb]etc

  17. ???? ????:

    I WANT TO REPAIR the errors of my PC that causes problems

  18. harby kamel:

    please repair the errors that cause my PC problems

  19. ounis jamel:

    please repair 9errors cause my pc problems

Updated: December 6, 2016

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